A pediatric chiropractor in Urbandale can offer unparalleled benefits. At Meier Family Chiropractic we pride ourselves at ensuring that every child has a proper functioning nervous system allowing them to go through healthy development.


Children are resilient. They’re constantly moving, allowing their joints to get their full range of motion.

Additionally, they haven’t experienced anywhere near the number of traumas adults have like car accidents or sports injuries. They don’t get dehydrated, they don’t drink, little to no medications, the list goes on.

However, little by little, things start to change. Video games, tablets, television, eventually sports, accidents on the playground, car accidents… it all happens so fast!

When would you guess is the first significant impact on a child’s spine? Maybe you have it in mind but you might be surprised. The first major shock to a child’s spine happens at birth!

Whether a child is born naturally or via Cesarean section, this process is a lot on their fragile bodies. Many newborns struggle with colic, ear infections, and digestive issues and many of these issues have seen quick improvement after getting adjusted!

Typically, babies/children don’t need as much care as adults do. They respond to adjustments very well -again, their lives have less stress than adults! Whether they’re a newborn or a teenager, let’s make sure their nervous system is functioning at its best!

Here at Meier Family Chiropractic we are going to do all that is needed and offer a step by step treatment plan that can help your child remain in optimal health.