Chiropractic care helps women feel their best before, during, and after pregnancy. Our trained chiropractic team in Urbandale is trained in helping you through your pregnancy and making it the healthiest pregnancy we can.

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Due to hormone changes, the ligaments and the muscles of the body relax. This can cause issues for the nervous system and general pain due to instability in the spine. Because this incredible process occurs in such a short period of time, regular check-ups are vital!

Prior to becoming pregnant many women will seek out chiropractic to help with fertility issues. There are numerous stories of moms being able to conceive shortly after chiropractic treatments. When other avenues have failed, sometimes chiropractic is exactly what you need!

The Gonstead System typically utilizes x-ray imaging but when someone is pregnant, we skip that step -unless we have access to an image from before conception. We are still able to assess the spine and help give you some much-needed relief throughout this process.

Research shows that there are many benefits to chiropractic during labor including fewer interventions, decreased length of labor, more comfort, decreased need for pain management.

Pregnancy doesn’t have to be painful and it doesn’t have to slow you down. Countless women seek out chiropractors for pain relief during pregnancy and experience amazing results. Every mom should enjoy their pregnancy without suffering. Prenatal chiropractic is essential for an enjoyable pregnancy.

At Meier Family Chiropractic in Urbandale we are trained to provide gentle, natural, and effective treatment to you and your child.