“I was in a bad car accident years ago. I went through two years of physical therapy. Then occupational manipulation, then water therapy, and pain management. After going through all that for the course of five years I gave up because none of it was helping. I decided just to live with the pain. Until recently when I had a bad flareup that sent me to the hospital. My doctor suggested chiropractic. Working with Dr. Nick has made a huge difference. I wake up with no back pain. And I go through most of my days with no problems. I highly recommend Dr. Nick!”

– Ashley E.

“I have gone to a few different chiropractors, all have done a good job, no complaints. That said, Dr. Meier is different. He was way more thorough in making sure that he knew the root of my issues before doing any adjustments. I learned so much from the visit and the issue and resulting plan to resolve. On top of that, he is an amazingly good person. Great communicator, personable and cares about what he does. Also, he has flexible hours. Not too many that will see you on a Saturday or Sunday. Give him a shot and experience the difference for yourself!”

– Matt O.

“I first started looking for a chiropractor to help maintain my back health, as I have a physical job. I set up an appointment with Dr. Nick, and have been going back a few times a month since. He takes the time to explain the process, take careful measurements, and thoroughly adjust each problem area. His thoughtful and scientific approach is especially important to me– when someone is moving pieces of your spine around, you want to be confident in them, and Dr. Nick takes the time to answer all your questions and make sure you understand what he’s doing every step of the way. I recently was diagnosed with a form of arthritis, and Dr. Nick’s knowledge of the condition has made him an invaluable member of my care team.

If you can’t decide whether or not you need a chiropractor, you probably need one. If you need one, Nick’s the doctor for you.”

– Jordan G.

“This guy did a FANTASTIC job at informing me of the spine, pinched nerve, and problems I was dealing with. He’s also pretty funny and easy to get along with not to mention Affordable for the service he provides!! I highly recommend giving him a shot.”

– James C. 

“Dr. Nick is amazing! He is the first chiropractor I’ve ever been to and he has changed my opinion completely! He took the time to explain everything he was doing and why! I feel so much better about going in! My back and shoulder feels so much better! Highly recommended!”

– Anita A. 

“Dr. Meier has flexible, convenient scheduling! He is very thorough and knows what he is doing!”

– Susan H.

“Dr. Nick has helped me achieve my health goals through his exceptional chiropractic care. He is very thorough in his approach, and I have the most relief I’ve ever felt after getting his Gonstead adjustments. He takes the time to explain my problems, which not many health care providers do. It’s the best to have answers AND relief!!”

– Katrine K.

“Dr. Nick is very compassionate and understanding. He gives great adjustments! I would recommend him to anyone.”

-Hira K.

“Dr. Meier is not only a fantastic Doctor but an outstanding person of great character. You are in good hands with Dr. Meier!”

– Pj D.

“Dr. Meier is a great doctor, he is a great Gonstead chiropractor and is kind, caring and supportive to his patients!”

– Taylor M.