Did you know that more than 80% of the adult population suffers from back pain at some point in their life? While there are tons of possible causes for developing back pain, sedentary lifestyle, repeated lifting, altered biomechanics, structural abnormalities, accidents, spinal damage, muscle strains, and sports injuries are some of the most common ones. Ignoring back pain can often worsen the situation, which is why you should immediately consult with a chiropractor in Urbandale, such as Dr. Nick – one of the best ones out there!


Chiropractic care is the best alternative to surgery, as it restores mobility in injured joints and relieves pain in muscles and connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons. It’s a hands-on spinal manipulation technique that targets the spine’s musculoskeletal structure to ensure that the body can heal on its own.

Chiropractic care improves joint mobility and tightens the muscles to enhance strength and durability by correcting biomechanical abnormalities. It also prevents the risk of arthritis and decreases the rate at which joints degenerate. A significant advantage of chiropractic care is that it boosts blood circulation and stagnant blood from our body that contains harmful toxins.


Research suggests that chiropractic care can improve the nervous system and individual organ system function. Chiropractic care can prove to be beneficial in a number of other ways:

  • While most treatment options such as surgery, medications, and injection therapy do not encourage natural recovery, chiropractic care facilitates your body in treating itself naturally.
  • It serves as a good alternative for kids who suffer from ear infections and are often prescribed antibiotics. Most kids experience excellent results after receiving consistent chiropractic care.
  • It is a good way to boost your immunity. Studies indicate that chiropractic adjustments can help reduce inflammation. It also helps boost the production of leukocytes that facilitate white blood cells in warding off disease.
  • It can help reduce digestive problems and significantly eliminate symptoms.
  • It can also improve your sleep. When you no longer suffer from spinal pain, your sleeping cycles improve, leaving you more energized and focused.
  • Chiropractic care can even help improve blood pressure. Other body functions are likely going to be affected if your spine is misaligned. Chiropractic care helps maintain a healthier body and a more balanced system.
  • It can drastically improve your balance. The healthier the spine is, the better your balance is going to be and the likelihood of personal injury due to a slip or fall reduces.


There are many different chiropractic techniques out there. At Meier Family Chiropractic, we use the Gonstead System to diagnose different misalignments. The Gonstead System is not only accurate but also painless. We take great care of our patients by targeting the exact vertebra that needs an adjustment.

The Gonstead System has five pillars that we follow to identify the existence of subluxations.

  1. Instrumentation
  2. Palpitation
  3. Visualization
  4. Spinography
  5. Symptomatology

We will examine your posture and movement to diagnose the main cause of your problem with great care. Dr. Nick will identify key vertebrae needing to be corrected rather than manipulating multiple bones that have no issues. We will detect inflammation and pressure in the spine through instrumentation along with tenderness, muscle tightness, and swelling. Dr. Nick will also observe how the spine moves and bends through motion palpitation.

Symptomatology is the last step of this painless procedure that includes evaluating posture, alignment, x-rays, posture, and temperature scans. One key feature of the Gonstead System is that your x-ray will be viewed on each and every visit. We don’t take a new one each time but reference the one we have for several visits as the biomechanical information on it is vital to good chiropractic care.