In today’s world, Chiropractors utilize a great deal of techniques and methods to rectify spinal misalignments, subluxation, and joint dysfunctions. Chiropractic techniques and methods are incredibly beneficial for plenty of musculoskeletal disorders.

We practice the Gonstead Method in Urbandale. Gonstead Chiropractic’s main concept kicks-off with the essential biomechanical principle. Every single architect, carpenter, engineer, and builder understands the importance of proper foundation in forming constructions to make sure it is durable and long-lasting. Just like that, Chiropractors are incredibly familiar with the human body’s foundation which is built by the pelvic girdle.

The pelvic girdle is the bony structure, which encompasses bones in the hip and lower back area. Whenever the pelvic girdle is balanced, it will boost balance and stability in the spinal column. Whenever any of the pelvic girdle or vertebrae itself becomes tilted out or rotated out of their respective positions, a person might feel some drastic changes in the body.

And in the end, there are misalignments, which could potentially result in severe pressure on the discs and thus detaching the vertebrae. In the majority of the scenarios, the disc’s condition holds the key to the health issue of the patient. Even a minor episode or an accident could end up causing cumulative effects, which would ultimately lead to the misalignment of the vertebra.


At times, a patient doesn’t require any guidance or help to cope with such jolts to his spinal column. But, in case the vertebrae are tilted or rotated out of their usual position, then the individual will need appropriate assistance from qualified health professionals to cope with the issue efficiently.

Why take a risk and end up making a decision regarding someone’s health without gathering all of the attainable info? Every single patient deserves the right to have correlated analysis in their clinical picture to make sure the maximum level of chiropractic care is received. This will ensure specificity and eventually, patient confidence in the chiropractor’s ability with care.

Utilizing X-Ray, Palpation, Instrumentation, and Visualization is necessary to figure out precisely the spot that is needing to be adjusted. When all of these ends are correlating, the patient is highly likely to get a certain adjustment. Dr. Gonstead observed 3 adjustments on the incorrect vertebral segment that could incite a Subluxation. His method is as precise as possible.


Chiropractic is a health-care profession that concentrates on the spine and several other joints of the human body and their association with the nervous system. Our chiropractors utilize adjustments to support the nervous system and restore the function of the joints. They assist all the patients in maintaining excellent health while preventing irrelevant surgery or drugs. Chiropractic adjustments ensure a reduction in pain and improvement in performance.

The following are the 2 fundamental principles of chiropractic.

  1. Naturally, the human body looks for maintaining the balance between all its systems that are destined to work in accordance with each other.
  2. Correct structure is essential for correct functioning. In case any structure is hindered due to stress or an injury, its function could possibly be damaged.

Chiropractic is a robust and important addition to the health routine. Other than headaches and musculoskeletal pain, plenty of patients also opt for chiropractic care in order to boost their overall health from a holistic perspective.

In today’s modern era, medicine is typically a reactive form of health-care. You visit a doctor with some sort of discomfort and are provided medicine to eradicate the discomfort. Indeed, one takes a gamble on the side effects. Although it is true that emergency medicine has a specific purpose, what if you could lead a life that keeps you as healthy as possible and take control of your health instead of being reactive?

“Medicine is the study of disease and what causes a man to die. Chiropractic is the study of life and what causes a man to live. “

– Dr. B.J. Palmer –


Over here, our primary objective is to assist you in accomplishing your health goals by providing the most efficient and effective chiropractor care services! We are on a mission to assist you in being super-active about your health so you could enjoy your life to its fullest. A few other healthy inclusions to your regimen would be massage, yoga/fitness, nutritional support, and acupuncture.

Dr. Nick Meier will take all the time required to completely comprehend your health-related goals from inside and out and work with you to accomplish them.

Curious to know how he uses his unique technique to perform a thorough analysis while treating your spine?


Comprehending issues associated with a patient’s health can help a Gonstead Chiropractor determine the area requiring adjustment. Symptoms can assist in separating the two critical components of the Autonomic Nervous System (Parasympathetic and Sympathetic) and help in the application of a certain adjustment.

In the Gonstead System, we apply all the obtained information from these modes of analysis and correlate our key findings to figure out the highly probable cause of the patient’s issue. When Subluxations are successfully determined, the usage of the correct Gonstead technique is applied to correct problematic places efficiently.

The Gonstead System heavily concentrates on intervertebral disc dynamics as the underlying cause of subluxations and resulting neurological dysfunction. Thus, it is safe to say that the Gonstead doctors are “disc doctors.”